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Indiana University Breaks a World Record with Brazen Alumni Networking Event

By Jared Elder • February 22, 2017 • , , , , ,
We teamed up with Indiana University and broke a world record during an alumni networking event!

3 Reasons You Need to Provide Alumni Career Services

By Bethany Showers • June 13, 2016 • , , ,
Alumni relations + career services = match made in heaven

The Alumni Professional’s Guide to the New LinkedIn Groups

By Robyn Showers • October 12, 2015 • , , , ,
How will the new changes to LinkedIn Groups affect you? We've got you covered.

This Year’s Priority for Higher Education Professionals? Engagement

By Lisa Rowan • June 11, 2015 • , , ,
What are higher education career and alumni staffs focused on for the upcoming academic year? We asked, and you answered at our online networking event last month. While many of our events are hosted by individual colleges and universities who

How to Host Successful Online Networking Events: 5 Tips From the Pros

By Ginny Manocha • June 5, 2015 • , ,
How powerful are online networking events for strengthening alumni communities? These alumni services professionals share the secrets behind their best events.

How Online Networking Events Can Help You Rally Your Alumni Community

By Ginny Manocha • April 29, 2015 • , , ,
Alumni not flocking to your networking events? Try taking those events online for better engagement! Here’s why online networking events are a smart idea.

How To Build a Strong Network By Connecting With Total Strangers

By John Fawkes • October 16, 2014 • , ,
Stop making rookie networking mistakes and get smarter about growing your network. Learn how to reach out to people you don’t even know and convince them to help you.

How to Leverage Your Alumni Network in Your Job Search

By Carly Dell • October 1, 2014 • , , ,
If you’re on the hunt for a new job, there’s one resource you’re probably overlooking: alumni. Here’s how you can leverage your network.

5 Ways MBA Programs are Adapting to the Ever-Changing Business World

By Menachem Wecker • September 10, 2014 • , , ,
The business world may be changing rapidly, but that doesn’t mean getting your MBA is irrelevant. Here’s how programs are adapting to stay current.