They're tough, yes, but they also take time to balance their lives.
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Here’s the hard truth: Women often have a tough time getting ahead in the business world.

Several years ago, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg wrote the book entitled “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” in which she urged women to break through the barriers that hold them back in the workplace. However, she didn’t plan on the pushback, as she pointed out in a recent, “In terms of women in leadership roles, we are not better off. We are stuck at less than 6% of the Fortune 500 CEO jobs and their equivalent in almost every country in the world. There were 19 countries run by women when “Lean In” was published. Today there are 11. . . . And so, overall, we are not seeing a major increase in female leadership in any industry or in any government in the world, and I think that’s a shame.”

Networking and fair hiring practices are the most effective way for women to move up through the ranks. Part of Sandberg’s action plan after writing “Lean In” was to facilitate where women could support each other and help solve career and life problems together. Networking can keep women in the loop professionally so that when opportunities come up, they will be the first to advance.

Successful women share some common characteristics:

  • They overcome adversity, letting nothing stand in their way.
  • They write down their goals to keep themselves on track.
  • They take time to rest and recuperate, knowing you can’t pour from an empty vessel.
  • They learn to balance it all, making adjustments wherever needed.

To learn more about what women do to get ahead in the business world, check out these inspiring quotes on this infographic from.

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