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Candidate and employee communication is going through a major shift, and you’ll want to be a part of it.

With today’s ever-changing technological landscape, traditional recruiting methods just aren’t as effective as they used to be. Candidates are rejecting “resume black holes,” and no longer forgive terrible or even generic candidate experiences. Hiring top talent, and keeping them engaged will require recruiters and HR managers to put on their marketing hats and adopt new ways of communicating with candidates and employees.

In a with , host sat down with Brazen’s CEO to discuss the role technology is playing in changing the way employers communicate with candidates and employees. Peter and Ed focused on the emergence of chat as a major communication tool, and touched on related trends in artificial intelligence and text-based chat-bots.

Here are a few topics Peter and Ed covered:

Changes in the way we communicate

Chat is a part of our everyday communication, whether it’s with family and friends, or for customer support. But now, chatting with  connections has become the standard for professionals.

Yes, the once mighty telephone call has been replaced, first by email and now with (text-based) chat. In fact, many people prefer to . Today, that trend has come to talent acquisition.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While chatbot software is picking up speed to make chatbots seem more “,” when it comes down to it, customers don’t want to chat with a robot. If customers find their experience with a chatbot to be negative, will not use it again. Worse, your customers will think you don’t care, which can hurt your overall brand.

“Because chat is a text-based form of communication, it’s the easiest to automate and bring in artificial intelligence,” Ed says. He warns against the automation of chat, which can feel cold and impersonal.

The inherent benefits of chat

Chat promises immediacy of communication. It’s so immediate that text messages have a , in comparison with email’s 6% response rate.

With so many software companies selling various types of functions, there’s a lot of “noise” in the tech industry. So where does chat fit in?

Remember how people love to chat, but automated chatbots can feel impersonal? That’s where chat events come into play. Chat events, where there’s a specific date and time for candidates and recruiters to chat online, have proven to increase engagement and applications up to 5x the industry average. It’s a win-win for everyone. With chat, candidates can get to know real members of an organization, whether they be recruiters, hiring managers, or even current employees, in private, 1 on 1 conversations. That goes both ways.  How’s that for personal?

Not only do chat events increase engagement throughout the recruiting process, but they save companies money as well. By using current employees of your organization to chat with potential candidates, you will increase your employer brand and . Additionally, because a recruiter is able to chat with up to 4 candidates at once, your chances of hiring increases exponentially, saving you money in the meantime.

Recruiters as marketeers

While chat events tie the tech and recruiting industries together, recruiters still need to work their magic online. “In an economy that is basically at full employment where job seekers are actually job shoppers, it’s really about talent attraction, not talent acquisition,” Ed claims.

Attracting top talent doesn’t just have to do with creating eye-catching job ads in a newspaper or well-written job descriptions. If we think about recruiting as marketing, we can use some of marketing’s best techniques.

Every marketer knows that if the team isn’t bringing in the big bucks with more leads, then what’s the point? Even though you and your team work tirelessly on the weekly blog, monthly newsletter, and countless webinars, if you’re not bringing in leads for your company, then chances are, your marketing budget will be spent towards other needs.

“Start by acknowledging that as a recruiter, you are above all a marketeer. Arm yourself with marketing skills, such as digital marketing tools, to attract the right talent to your organization,” Ed says

Producing regarding who’s applying for your company, when they’re applying, and tracking how they found you as an employer can be immensely helpful. Your recruiters and hiring managers should update the tools they’re using, acquiring a that allows you to track why and how candidates are applying.

The next step in recruiting

Of course, chat events alone can’t do recruiters’ work for them. Because candidates are job shoppers rather than job seekers, recruiters must work extra hard to attract the right talent to their organization. Listen to Ed and Peter discuss this and more in the podcast .

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