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Brazen’s goal is to improve Recruiter Experience by improving Candidate Experience. With our newest product features, your conversations will get even more specific and efficient.

Job Booth: A job booth will now automatically be created when a job is added to an event. A job booth is just what it sounds like – a booth designated for chats about a specific job. The booth will display in the event like any other booth, but instead of your typical booth content, the job title, location and description will be automatically displayed. In the legacy version of Control Center, where booths are normally edited, a job booth will be denoted with a “Job” label with a cute little briefcase.

Job Rating Screen “Next Steps”: One of the most exciting aspects of having a chat about a job is the ability to have a new rating screen designed specifically for chats about jobs. When a chat ends in a job booth, the representatives will see a new “Next Steps” screen in place of the existing star rating system.

Reps can select from the options “No action”, “Interview”, “Screen further” and “Pipeline” to determine how to best move forward with a candidate. These options resonated very well with our enterprise customers and make the outcome of a given chat much clearer as opposed to inferring the value of a 3, 4 or 5 star candidate. Along with this update, the event and account-level ratings reports have been updated to allow the “next steps” data to be exported.

When a user enters a job booth, if an Apply URL has been set, a button will display allowing the user to start an application in a new window.

Brazen’s newest features benefit recruiters and candidates alike. Here’s why:

Recruiter: For recruiters, these features allow you to save time and get straight to the point. You post a job description, candidates come to you, then you explain exactly what you’re looking for. To top it off, you can rate your next move with the candidate.

Candidate: For candidates, this feature presents a more efficient, meaningful way to talk with recruiters directly about job openings. No more “I never heard back” or “I couldn’t tell if that recruiter was interested.” You’ll know exactly where to find a chat event for the job you’re interested in.

Recruiting and getting hired will just keep on getting easier with Brazen Jobs. Test out our new features today.

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