A quick roundup of the latest features new to Brazen.
email prototype

Brazen’s automated emails are a critical part of communicating with registrants and driving attendance to your chat events. This week we’re excited to roll out several updates for our confirmation, reminder and survey emails.

Take a look, or check out the highlights below:

Branded for you

Your logo and a custom color setting allow you to brand each email.

Add to Calendar 

Recipients can quickly add the event to their calendar from the updated emails.

Helpful tips 

Updates to our email copy help set expectations and explain the chat event experience leading up to your event.

Test and Preview 

Easily send you or a colleague a test version of an email, or preview it right in your browser.

Sign Up with Facebook and Google

A quarter of the world’s population uses Facebook, while Google’s Gmail recently surpassed 1 billion users. To make Brazen account creation quick and efficient for users of these services, we now support signing up with these services    

Account Level Reporting

A new account reporting section allows you to generate reports about your event registrants and chat ratings for events over a given time period. Quickly export data across events to analyze or upload to other systems.

Curious to see what the new emails look like? Check out our  on the emails Brazen sends to participants of your events.
More to come from us on the product side, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how these templates work out for you!
Ben is a Product Manager at Brazen. When he’s not re-designing new emails, he enjoys solving puzzles and playing board games. Drop him a line at [email protected] 
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